Odds for Steelers' win total, playoffs and more

Ahmed Fareed and Chris Simms take a look at the BetMGM odds for the Pittsburgh Steelers for the 2023 season.

Video Transcript

- Let's look at BetMGM for the Steelers. Their over/under for win total is 8.5. I mean, I'm going to take the-- I'm going to take the over.

CHRIS SIMMS: You're taking the over?

- Because it's impossible. Yeah. I even just tried to-- my brain, I don't even know why it went there because of course that Mike Tomlin is not going to have a losing record.

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CHRIS SIMMS: I don't want to like-- I don't want to-- I mean, they scare you, right? First off, I look at them right now, and, again, I don't say this by a wide margin or anything like that, but I think their roster is probably the least talented in the division. I think I'd give the Browns the edge over them. So that's where I don't know. But there is a culture and a battle-testedness and a toughness and a fearlessness and--

- I'm probably giving the Browns the edge over them last year too.

CHRIS SIMMS: Yeah, you're probably right. You're right. So that's-- you never count the Steelers out. They know how to play. They love their backs against the wall. But, yeah, if you're going to make me bet right now in the AFC and they're over and under win total, I think I'd probably go slightly under on it.

- So they are plus 150 to make the playoffs. So no not a long shot, but not favored too. Definitely a long shot to win the AFC North at plus 650. Mike Tomlin Coach of the Year is plus 3,000. My gosh. I mean, that's a travesty. I mean, let's just give-- Mike Tomlin, he has never won Coach of the Year Award.


CHRIS SIMMS: It's kind of amazing.

- He's going to win, like, coach of the decade, or coach of the 20 years, and he's never won it for one year.


- I'm going to guess second to Bill Belichick, but--

CHRIS SIMMS: It's constantly people on him, Mike Tomlin, it seems like, but I feel like it turned the corner maybe a little last year where everybody-- I feel like even some of the haters were like, all right, wait, hold on. Maybe I've been hard-- maybe this damn guy is good. They never die, and, hopefully, people realize that he's one of the best head coaches in football. And, yeah, they're kind of in the midst of a semi, stay-relevant rebuild. A relevant rebuild.


I think we should phrase it that way, right? Where they're in the mix, but I don't think they're really in the mix. They're in the mix because of their culture, their toughness. They're going to play the game the right way. They're going to be physical, not turn the ball over, but not necessarily be like the most talented team in the AFC.

- And as we have noted here in the rundown, Mike Tomlin has never had a losing record in 16 years as a head coach.

CHRIS SIMMS: That's incredible.

- Great coach, great organization. Well done. Thank you to BetMGM for all that information. And we want to let you know the action never stops at BetMGM. You can sign up now using the bonus code, Simms. Your first wager is risk free up to $1,000.


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CHRIS SIMMS: You're a well-rounded there. Way to go.

- --as well, but that's-- BetMGM, thank you for all that information.