How odds have shifted for Cardinals' No. 3 pick

Mike Florio and Chris Simms analyze who the Cardinals will take with the No. 3 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, given Will Anderson is the favorite over Tyree Wilson, but Paris Johnson Jr. is right behind.

Video Transcript

- With plenty of edge rushers in this year's draft, the betting lines have been moving. And look, it either tells us something or it doesn't, as we learned with Will Levis.

- Right.

- But Will Anderson went from being the favorite, to not the favorite, to the favorite again. Anderson back to +240, and these are small margins. Anderson, +240. Tyree Wilson, +275. Just in one day those two have flipped. The other thing that's intriguing, Paris Johnson, this is to be the third overall pick. Paris Johnson is now on their heels because there's a belief that Kyler Murray wants Paris Johnson to be picked by the Cardinals.

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I'm stunned that CJ Stroud was even at 3.5 to 1 to be the first. I mean, that would imply a trade. That's not-- the Cardinals aren't taking him there. So I'm not stunned anymore. That would be third overall pick not to the Cardinals. That would be Cardinals trade out of that spot to someone else.

- Yes.

- So then it would make a little bit of sense.

- Right. No, the Cardinals are definitely, again, one of those teams that, like, we hit it on it yesterday a little bit. Jonathan Gannon from Philadelphia, all those big butts on the D-line and D-tackles, and you got a Georgia D-tackle, and what?

- Jalen Carter.


- I know.

- 14 to 1. Why not take Jalen Carter?

- That's what-- I know. I mean, Jalen Carter, again, that's the best player in the draft. There's no doubt about that. I haven't talked to anybody that thinks any differently than that. But maybe they're going to play the-- again, the angle we talked about of just like we're not going to take the risk on a Tyree Wilson with the foot, or the Jalen Carter off-the-field thing, and I think they're one of those teams that you look at to maybe is favoring high floor guarantee type of player. I don't know, but that's certainly very interesting with them at 3.

- Think about all the crap going on with the Cardinals right now, all the stuff they're dealing with.


- Right.

- They're going to be extra sensitive about bringing in a guy who was involved in an accident where two people died, and he pleaded no contest to speeding and reckless driving, on top of everything else. We can't have that, even if he is the best player.

- Yeah.

_And he could make us better, we just can't have that. That's where the business considerations impact the football considerations. And if they don't take him, that's going to be the reason why they don't.