The odds behind Allen Iverson's time in Turkey

(This photo is undoctored, it should be pointed out, save for cropping a bit off the top and crediting it.)

We usually don't take the time to talk about better lines or wagering here at BDL, mainly because we wouldn't really know how to place a legal bet even if we really, really wanted to (and we really, really don't want to), and partially because we don't like to encourage habits that could be partially destructive, if even to hypothetically talk about gambling.

But sometimes the fine fellows in Las Vegas do provide an insight as to how we should expect things to go down. Because if you don't come through with that $3,500, brother, you are going down.

How about the recent Allen Iverson(notes) in Turkey saga? The other day we pointed out that Iverson's debut with his Turkish team had been delayed until this week, because Iverson (actual quote) "did not feel ready."

So, courtesy of Bodog, here are the odds as they see things for AI's time in Turkey.

Will Allen Iverson be on the Besiktas Roster for the entire 2010/11 Season?

Yes -300

No +200

Will Allen Iverson be on an NBA Roster for game 1 of the 2011-2012 NBA Season?

Yes 7/2

Allen Iverson Average Points Per Game in the 2010/11 Regular Season for Besiktas?

Over/Under 20

Seems fair enough, but where's the betting line for "Will Allen Iverson actually play a game in Turkey, this season?"

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