Oak Creek junior all about hockey as a player, coach, ref

OAK CREEK, Wis. - This Oak Creek junior has spent most of her life on the ice, and from there she added a whistle and a coach's hat.

That's why Macy Blooming is this week's FOX6 High School Hot Shot.

"I wanted to be a goalie," said Blooming. "Actually funny story is I didn't really want to skate when I was little. I was kind of lazy. But now that as I get older, it's definitely the most fun position."

Blooming has always been about hockey thanks to her dad.

She plays for Team Wisconsin, Them Girls, and Brookfield Glacier.

Them Girls is a club that Macy and her dad started.

"There wasn't really a team in this area to play for, so my dad was like, hey, why don't we start one," she said. "So now it's grown into about like 70, 80 girls in the Milwaukee area."

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Not only does Macy play and help out as a coach, she also refs.

"I'm reffing all different types of games that could range from like U10, or it could go up to U-19," said Blooming. "I've reffed some U19 girls' games and some older boys' games as well. So I started when I was 12. That's the youngest age you can start. So I started out as level one at 12 years old and now at 16 I'm a level four."

Macy also has plenty of hobbies to occupy her time off the ice.

"I kind of like learning new hobbies," Blooming said. "So last year I told myself I was able to solve a Rubik's Cube, and then I taught myself to juggle. And right now I'm kind of learning how to play the guitar."