NYC DJs trolled Kris Humphries with Kanye West songs

Brooklyn Nets power forward Kris Humphries is famous because he once dated and was very briefly married to professional celebrity Kim Kardashian. No matter how much the general public comes to appreciate his rebounding, he will be the target of jokes, because he spent lots of time on several E! reality shows. At least Lamar Odom has a couple championships to balance out the bad publicity. This stuff is going to follow Humphries for years, possibly even beyond his playing career.

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If you haven't heard, Miss Kardashian is now dating brash egotist and musical genius Kanye West. So, when Kris Humphries went out to a New York City club on Wednesday night, the DJs trolled him by playing a bunch of Kanye's hits. From the gossip blog of The New York Daily News, a.k.a. a reputable source (via TBJ):

Deejays seem to love torturing the Net forward with the vocal stylings of his ex-wife’s new beau. Humphries’ anguish was apparent Wednesday night at WIP, when he arrived to let off steam after a tough loss to the Knicks, but was left fuming after consecutive West songs blared in his ears.

“He was trying to talk to every girl in there and was getting turned down by every girl he spoke to,” an eyewitness tells Confidenti@l’s Marianne Garvey.

Our source, who watched Humphries foul out until 4 a.m., says deejays Chuck Barrett and Scram Jones played a list of West’s tunes, and by the time they got to “Mercy” and “Clique,” Humph was on fire.

“He took a bottle of Patron that he didn’t pay for, put it in front of his crotch and dumped the entire thing on the floor, because he was wasted and tired of Kanye songs,” says the source. “Not only was he acting like he was peeing the bottle out, he insisted on staying.”

Humphries’ antics follow our report last month that he tried to pick up DJ Kalkutta at SoHo’s Anchor Bar while she was spinning a West tune. “He emailed a couple times, but I never answered,” Kalkutta said.

It is pretty hilarious to think of Humphries as a loser in love, moping around New York City trying to escape the ubiquitous songs of one of the world's most popular artists. Presumably he would hang his head in shame, like Charlie Brown, and go home to eat ice cream and notch triple-doubles with himself in NBA 2K13. (Note: That is not a euphemism.)

But Humphries is famous, rich, and not especially hideous. Something tells me he does fine for himself, even if sometimes he also ends up pouring out bottles of tequila on the floor of NYC's hot clubs.

As in basketball, even the steadiest players have bad nights.

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