By the numbers: Michigan football vs. Washington Huskies

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Michigan football’s next opponent, Washington, enters Saturday’s Week 2 primetime matchup somewhat flailing, having lost to FCS-level Montana at home on Saturday. The Huskies were solid defensively, but offensively turned the ball over quite a bit, which led to the upset.

Delving into the numbers, Washington isn’t quite the mess they’ll likely be conveyed as given the severity of the loss. Here is how the two teams stack up.


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Rank (metric)

Rank (metric)

Michigan scoring offense

16th (47 ppg)

33rd (13 ppg)

Washington scoring defense

Michigan rushing offense

7th (335 ypg)

67th (127 ypga)

Washington rushing defense

Michigan passing offense

64th (216 ypg)

13th (105 ypga)

Washington passing defense

Michigan total offense

13th (551 ypg)

16th (232 ypga)

Washington total defense

Michigan yards per play

7th (9.18 ypp)

27th (4.07 ypga)

Washington yards per play allowed

Michigan first downs

50th (22 pg)

5th (10 apg)

Washington opp. first downs

Michigan third down conv.

12th (61.54%)

7th (16.38%)

Washington opp. third down conv.

Michigan fourth down conv.

1st (100%)

1st (0%)

Washington opp. fourth down conv.

Michigan red zone conv.

1st (100%)

56th (100%)

Washington opp. red zone conv.

Michigan sacks allowed

25th (1 sapg)

81st (1 spg)

Washington sacks

Michigan TFL allowed

7th (2 tfla/gm)

76th (5 tfl/gm)

Washington TFL

Michigan long scrimmage plays

67th (14 10+ yd plays)

24th (9 10+ yd plays)

Washington long plays allowed

Michigan penalties

58th (48 yds/gm)

17th (81 yds/gm)

Washington opp. penalties

Michigan TOP

84th (28:09)

50th (31:28)

Washington TOP


ESPN FPI updates Michigan football game-by-game predictions after Week 1


Rank (metric)

Rank (metric)

Michigan scoring defense

35th (14 ppg)

116th (7 ppg)

Washington scoring offense

Michigan rushing defense

66th (126 ypga)

110th (65 ypg)

Washington rushing offense

Michigan passing defense

55th (191 ypga)

62nd (226 ypg)

Washington passing offense

Michigan total defense

51st (317 ypga)

105th (291 ypg)

Washington total offense

Michigan yards per play allowed

47th (4.59 yppa)

110th (3.99 ypp)

Washington yards per play

Michigan opp. first downs

45th (17 apg)

60th (20 pg)

Washington. first downs

Michigan opp. third down conv.

100th (47.06%)

98th (28.57%)

Washington. third down conv.

Michigan opp. fourth down conv.

NR (0 att)

68th (33%)

Washington. fourth down conv.

Michigan opp. red zone conv.

56th (100%)

1st (100%)

Washington. red zone conv.

Michigan sacks

81st (1 s/gm)

83rd (3 sa/gm)

Washington sacks allowed

Michigan TFL

11th (3 tfl/gm)

92nd (8 tfla/gm)

Washington TFL allowed

Michigan long scrimmage plays allowed

35th (11 10+ yd plays)

81st (12 10+ yd plays)

Washington long plays

Michigan opp. penalties

100th (30 yd/gm)

27th (30 yd/gm)

Washington. penalties


Big Ten power rankings with Week 1 action in the books

Special teams

Rank (metric)

Rank (metric)

Michigan kickoff

60th (63.78 yds)

29th (59 yds)

Washington opp. kickoff

Michigan kickoff return

3rd (49.5 yds/ret)

79th (23 yds/ret)

Washington kickoff return allowed

Michigan punting

56th (43.5 yds/p)

97th (47 yds/p)

Washington opp. punting

Michigan punt return

4th (31 yds/ret)

73rd (22. 5 yds/ret)

Washington punt return allowed

Michigan field goals

1st (100%)

30th (66.7%)

Washington opp. field goals

Michigan PAT

1st (100%)

10th (100%)

Washington opp. PAT

Michigan opp. kickoff

101st (65 yds)

4th (65 yds)

Washington kickoff

Michigan kickoff return allowed

5th (10 yds/ret)

58th (17.33 yds/ret)

Washington kickoff return

Michigan opp. punting

35th (39.29 yds/p)

40th (45 yds/p)

Washington punting

Michigan punt return allowed

NR (0 returns)

31st (9 yds/ret)

Washington punt return

Michigan opp. field goals

1st (0%)

93rd (0%)

Washington field goals

Michigan opp. PAT

10th (100%)

1st (100%)

Washington PAT

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