By the numbers: Michigan football vs. Michigan State

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The biggest game between Michigan football and rival Michigan State is nearly upon us. It’ll be a matchup of No. 6 at No. 7, and the first time that both teams have met with records of 7-0 or better.

But how do they match up? Certainly, both fan bases feel good about the game, and while the game won’t be played by the numbers, this is how they each fare against the other from a statistical standpoint.


Rank (metric)

Rank (metric)

Michigan scoring offense

15th (37.7 ppg)

19th (18.7 ppg)

MSU scoring defense

Michigan rushing offense

5th (253.29 ypg)

28th (119.29 ypga)

MSU rushing defense

Michigan passing offense

104th (189.6 ypg)

121st (285.4 ypga)

MSU passing defense

Michigan total offense

35th (442.9 ypg)

87th (404.7 ypga)

MSU total defense

Michigan yards per play

35th (6.29 ypp)

20th (4.85 ypga)

MSU yards per play allowed

Michigan first downs

46th (22 pg)

116th (24 apg)

MSU opp. first downs

Michigan third down conv.

22nd (46.46%)

57th (38.17%)

MSU opp. third down conv.

Michigan fourth down conv.

24th (69.23%)

112th (69.57%)

MSU opp. fourth down conv.

Michigan red zone conv.

23rd (90.91%)

55th (80.77%)

MSU opp. red zone conv.

Michigan sacks allowed

2nd (0.43 sapg)

8th (3.71spg)

MSU sacks

Michigan TFL allowed

1st (2 tfla/gm)

37th (6.86 tfl/gm)


Michigan long scrimmage plays

103rd (88 10+ yd plays)

52nd (93 10+ yd plays)

MSU long plays allowed

Michigan penalties

29th (45.3 yds/gm)

70th (52.9 yds/gm)

MSU opp. penalties

Michigan TOP

13th (32:43.86)

119th (26:58.57)



Rank (metric)

Rank (metric)

Michigan scoring defense

2nd (14.3 ppg)

29th (34.3 ppg)

MSU scoring offense

Michigan rushing defense

25th (116.57 ypga)

32nd (200.43 ypg)

MSU rushing offense

Michigan passing defense

22nd (182.4 ypga)

50th (250.3 ypg)

MSU passing offense

Michigan total defense

11th (299 ypga)

26th (450.7 ypg)

MSU total offense

Michigan yards per play allowed

17th (4.82 yppa)

8th (6.95 ypp)

MSU yards per play

Michigan opp. first downs

8th (15.6 apg)

79th (20.4 pg)

MSU first downs

Michigan opp. third down conv.

20th (33.33%)

100th (36.14%)

MSU third down conv.

Michigan opp. fourth down conv.

30th (40%)

70th (50%)

MSU fourth down conv.

Michigan opp. red zone conv.

31st (76.92%)

58th (86.21%)

MSU red zone conv.

Michigan sacks

72nd (2.14 s/gm)

25th (1.43 sa/gm)

MSU sacks allowed

Michigan TFL

106th (5.17 tfl/gm)

39th (5.29 tfla/gm)

MSU TFL allowed

Michigan long scrimmage plays allowed

6th (68 10+ yd plays)

60th (104 10+ yd plays)

MSU long plays

Michigan opp. penalties

122nd (37.9 yd/gm)

114th (68.1 yd/gm)

MSU penalties

Michigan turnover margin

15th (+0.86/gm)

20th (0.71/gm)

MSU turnover margin

Special teams

Rank (metric)

Rank (metric)

Michigan kickoff

53rd (63.17 yds)

69th (62.23 yds)

MSU opp. kickoff

Michigan kickoff return

61st (20.86 yds/ret)

67th (20.38 yds/ret)

MSU kickoff return allowed

Michigan punting

33rd (45.45 yds/p)

43rd (41.58 yds/p)

MSU opp. punting

Michigan punt return

31st (11.72 yds/ret)

24th (3.2 yds/ret)

MSU punt return allowed

Michigan field goals

22nd (87.5%)

6th (50%)

MSU opp. field goals

Michigan PAT

1st (100%)

70th (100%)

MSU opp. PAT

Michigan opp. kickoff

6th (58.04 yds)

46th (63.35 yds)

MSU kickoff

Michigan kickoff return allowed

1st (11.57 yds/ret)

42nd (22.27 yds/ret)

MSU kickoff return

Michigan opp. punting

91st (43.78 yds/p)

10th (47.66 yds/p)

MSU punting

Michigan punt return allowed

40th (5.25 yds/ret)

1st (23.22 yds/ret)

MSU punt return

Michigan opp. field goals

50h (71.4%)

95th (66.7%)

MSU field goals

Michigan opp. PAT

70th (100%)

1st (100%)


Players to know


Stats to Know


Payton Thorne

112/183 (61.2%), 1694 yds, 15 TD, 4 INT

Running Back

Kenneth Walker III

152 car, 997 yds (6.56 ypc), 9 TD (142.43 ypg)

Wide Receivers

Jayden Reed

Jalen Nailor

Tre Mosley

27 catches, 562 yds (20.81 ypc), 5 TD

27 catches, 512 yds (18.96 ypc), 6 TD

21 catches, 321 yds (15.29 ypc), 0 TD

Leading Tacklers

S Xavier Henderson

S Angelo Grose

LB Quavaris Crouch

60 tackles

53 tackles

52 tackles

Sacks Leaders

DE Jacub Panasiuk

DE Jeff Pietrowski

DT Simeon Barrow

5.5 sacks, 37 yds

3.5 sacks, 14 yds

2.5 sacks, 27 yds

TFL Leaders

DE Jacub Panasiuk

S Xavier Henderson

DT Maverick Hansen

8.5 TFL, 49 yds

7 TFL, 21 yds

4.5 TFL, 19 yds

Most passes broken up

Angelo Grose


Interception Leaders

CB Chester Kimbrough

LB Cal Haladay

S Darius Snow

1 INT, 62 yds

1 INT, 30 yds, 1 TD

1 INT, 10 yds

Field Goals

K Matt Coghlin

10/15 FG attempts


P Bryce Baringer

49.19 yds/punt

Punt Returns

Jayden Reed

8 ret, 210 yds (26.25 avg), 2 TD


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