Nuggets’ Jordan Hamilton loses his shorts vs. Pelicans at Las Vegas Summer League (Video)

Nuggets’ Jordan Hamilton loses his shorts vs. Pelicans at Las Vegas Summer League (Video)
Nuggets’ Jordan Hamilton loses his shorts vs. Pelicans at Las Vegas Summer League (Video)

The Denver Nuggets held a 25-12 lead on the New Orleans Pelicans late in the first quarter of opening-round tournament play at Las Vegas Summer League on Wednesday. Looking to extend the advantage, Denver swingman Jordan Hamilton faced up just above the arc on the left wing and drove hard to his right, getting all the way to the right block before being fouled and sent to the deck before he could attempt a shot.

By the time he got to the deck, though, he wasn't wearing any shorts. Which was weird. Behold:

Upon multiple re-watchings (I am nothing if not thorough and professional), it doesn't seem like any one aspect of contact precipitated the strip-down. No, it looks like the sheer momentum created by Hamilton colliding with and being tripped up by Pelicans forward Max Kouguere sent them careening to his ankles ... which, of course, were up over his head at that point. "Thank goodness for the tights," indeed, and maybe make sure to tie that drawstring a little tighter from now on, Jordan.

It wasn't all embarrassing pants-ings for Hamilton, though — the third-year small forward had it going from long distance early on Wednesday, lighting New Orleans up for 18 first-quarter points when not offering not-so-indecent exposures:

After scoring just 15 total points in his first two Summer League performances, Hamilton finished with 23 points on 8 for 14 shooting, four rebounds and two steals to pace the Nuggets' summer squad to its first win in Vegas, an 87-82 win over the Pelicans to advance to the second round of the Summer League Championship. The performance is made all the more impressive by the fact, relayed by Nate Timmons of Nuggets blog Denver Stiffs, that Hamilton had just returned from his late cousin's funeral in Los Angeles:

"I had a chance to clear my mind," said Hamilton. "It was on my mind for the last week and it affected my game. I had a chance to spend time with him yesterday and I just came out aggressive tonight and I feel like I played well."

Hamilton's averaged just under 10 minutes per game in 66 appearances for the Nuggets over two seasons, but with Andre Iguodala heading to the Golden State Warriors in free agency and Danilo Gallinari likely to miss at least the first month of the season recovering from knee surgery, there could be some early-season minutes on the wing available for the 6-foot-7 Texas product if he can keep hitting open 3-pointers ... and, y'know, keep his shorts on.

Videos via the NBA.

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