This nuclear-powered mega plane/hotel concept is out of this world

Your future dream vacation. Sky Hotel is a nuclear-powered plane/hotel concept. Designed by Tony Holmsten and reimagined and animated by Hashem Al-Ghaili. It can carry over 5,000 guests and is loaded with amenities. Like a 360-degree panoramic hall, shopping malls, sports centers, swimming pools, restaurants, and much more. The design also has external elevators with amazing scenic views. Sky Hotel has a nuclear reactor onboard providing it with “unlimited power” and allowing it to stay in the air for years. We’ve seen outrageous designs like Sky Hotel before. This “floating” bus from China was an out-of-this-world public transport concept. It elevated above roadways allowing other traffic to pass underneath it. And remember Space Perspective? This amazing concept will allow people to visit the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, and it’s becoming a reality in 2024. We love imaginative concepts like these. Would you vacation on Sky Hotel?

Check out Al-Ghaili’s full video here:

Video Transcript