Now with PFL, Francis Ngannou gives update on boxing debut: ‘My goal is to have a tune-up fight’

Francis Ngannou has found a new home with the PFL, but that won’t cover his plans to start a boxing career.

On Tuesday, the PFL revealed it signed Ngannou to a multi-fight deal, but that it won’t be exclusive to boxing. With Ngannou very vocal and public with his desire to step in the ring, many are now left to wonder what will happen with the former UFC heavyweight champion’s boxing plans.

When recently speaking with DAZN, Ngannou gave an update of his boxing plans.

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“Boxing is still on the table,” Ngannou said. “I always dreamed of getting Tyson Fury, but he’s not quite available right now. Even Deontay Wilder, both of our teams have gone back and forth, but we didn’t get there because of a potential fight against A.J. (Anthony Joshua) in December, but we’re still aligned in a potential fight after that.

“My goal is to have a tuneup fight this year, at least one before next year. That’s the vision for boxing. My team engaged some discussion with Floyd’s Money Team promotion regarding boxing, and we’re going to see about that, but we’re definitely coming out with a plan, and we’re coming out with something very soon.”


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Ngannou said his interest in opponents still remain the same as they did a few months ago. He has his sight set on the biggest draws in the heavyweight division.

“It’s been Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, and Deontay Wilder, and so far we only had conversations with Deontay Wilder, but Anthony Joshua is a fight we had liked too,” Ngannou said. “We talked to Eddie (Hearn) once, but that’s when Joshua was about to fight (Jermaine) Franklin, but it’s something that interest me, and I think if we do this in Africa, it’s going to be massive.

“And also, I have to point out the fact that even when we were talking to Deontay Wilder, it was a two-fight deal – one somewhere else and one in Africa. One should have been in Africa, so it’s the same thing we had with Anthony Joshua. I think it’s something that gets them excited too, to fight in the continent.”

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Now with PFL, Francis Ngannou gives update on boxing debut: 'My goal is to have a tune-up fight'

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