Now men can customize suits by using an AI-powered "Style Wall"

The suit may make the man but now the man can make the suit. Knot Standard allows men to customize their own look.

Earlier this week, the luxury menswear provider announced the launch of a “Style Wall,” which uses artificial intelligence and voice activation to offer customers a 3D virtual studio. The “Style Wall” was built to redefine personalization in a brick-and-mortar environment, Knot Standard President and co-founder Matthew Mueller told Yahoo Finance On the Move. There are more than 30 Samsung screens (“Style Walls”) per showroom, powered by built-in, third-generation Echo Dots from Alexa.

“What we’ve done is going to revolutionize the retail experience, the same way e-commerce revolutionized the internet,” said Mueller. “Imagine walking into a department store where everything fits you perfectly and everything is designed to look great on you.”

So how the does the wall work?

When clients arrive for appointments at a Knot Standard showroom, the “Style Wall” will display content that is tailored to that particular customer. To activate the “Style Wall” all you have to do is talk to it. For returning customers, the wall will show clients’ their entire order history, customization preferences, favorite fabrics and saved designs. Together with a stylist, customers can easily design new garments that complement what is already in their closets or they could create something completely unique that reflects their previous preferences.

Knot Standard suit company has gone digital with the launch of the new Style Wall.
Knot Standard suit company has gone digital with the launch of the new Style Wall.

“The ‘Style Wall’ using dozens of screens and style DNA of each client changes the entire showroom for each person that walks in and shows you only things that would look good for you,” said Mueller.

Knot Standard runs its business online or based by appointment in one of their showrooms in select major U.S. cities. As the company continues to grow, many question if the company will ever expand into women’s fashion.

“Right now we are focused on men. There are so many variables to get right. And what we’ve done now is scratch the surface for what will probably be common in five or 10 years,” said Mueller.

Ralston Ramsay is a producer for Yahoo Finance On the Move.