Notre Dame WR Braden Lenzy makes the catch of the year for TD vs. Navy

There are those receivers throughout football history who, even even they’re covered, they’re open. The ability to make contested catches, especially int he red zone and end zone? That’s a highly profitable skill.

In Notre Dame’s Saturday game against Navy, receiver Braden Lenzy made one of the more amazing such catches you’ll ever see. Lenzy had been posted up by his defender, and instead of giving up on the play when the ball was thrown to him, Lenzy had the presence of mind to reach back around the defender to steal the ball in the end zone.

Here’s another, equally fascinating view.

The senior came into this game with 14 catches on 128 yards and a touchdown on the season. That Saturday catch might have been better than all his other receptions… combined.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire