Notre Dame punter uses memory of brother to push forward

I’ve never met Blue and Gold Illustrated beat writer Tyler Horka but he seems like more than just “An outstanding young reporter” like paul finebaum once called him (according to Horka’s Twitter profile).  Horka seems like he’s going to one day be playing the role of Jen Lada or Tom Rinaldi on College Gameday by making your eyes water on fall Saturday mornings.

Horka has shared a number of stories that pull at the heartstrings this year that include Notre Dame super-recruit CJ Carr’s love for his late brother, how linebacker Prince Kollie saved his high school football coach’s life, and how Dabo Swinney helped Notre Dame wide receivers coach Chasni Stuckey get his start in coaching.

Horka knows how to make a room suddenly get a bit dusty and did it again this week.  He spoke with Notre Dame punter Jon Sot and some of those closest to him about the untimely death of his older brother.  I don’t want to steal clicks from Horka’s piece but instead, want to push more viewers to it.  Whether you’re a Notre Dame fan or just a college football fan that visits us regularly, go check it out.

“Sometimes I look back like, ‘How am I here right now?” Sot said. “It doesn’t feel like I should be here with some of the things that have happened. But I always push through it.”

Jon Sot to Tyler Horka of Blue Gold Illustrated

Be sure to check it out in full as it helps get your mind right entering the holiday season.

Oh, and hey Horka:  keep up the great work.


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Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire