Notre Dame-Navy: The world the last time the two didn’t meet (before 2020)

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Notre Dame and Navy have been playing football against each other for a very long time. The two met every year from 1927-2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic wound up ultimately costing the two their annual meeting last fall.

Previous to 2020, the last year Notre Dame and Navy didn’t play football against each other was all the way back in 1926. Here are a variety of things that were going on in the world in 1926:

Route 66 is Commissioned

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On November 26, 1926, Route 66 was officially commissioned. By the end of 1926, only roughly 800 miles of the 2,448 mile road was paved.

Stamp Costs 2 Cents

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The price of a postage stamp in the United States was only two cents in 1926. Today that same stamp will cost you 58 cents, and it’ll sometimes even get your letter to the proper destination in a timely matter!

First SAT Test Given

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The first SAT college admissions tests were given to high schoolers in 1926. The standardized test was a bad idea at the time and remains a bad idea to this day.

Henry Ford Creates 40-Hour Work Week


Henry Ford popularized the 40 hour work week in 1926, after researching and finding out that longer and harder work days didn’t mean the best for his business or his employees long term. What a thought!

Deadly Hurricane Blasts Miami

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In September of 1926 a massive hurricane hits the city of Miami which has a population of roughly 100,000 at the time. The deadly hurricane took the lives of over 370 people. Naming hurricanes wouldn’t become a thing for over 25 more years.

Winnie the Pooh is Born

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Author A. A. Milne has the book “Winnie-the-Pooh” published in 1926.

Calvin Coolidge is President

Calvin Coolidge wins the 1924 election against John W. Davis and Robert LaFollette as shown in The Knoxville News on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1924. AP Image

Calvin Coolidge is President of the United States in 1926, the 30th person to hold that post.

NBC Radio

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Over 60 years before they start airing Notre Dame football games on TV, NBC launches their radio network for the nation to enjoy.

Harry Houdini Dies

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The greatest magician the world has ever seen, Harry Houdini, dies on Halloween of 1926, 12 days after taking a punch to the stomach that ruptured his appendix.

Celebrities Born in 1926:

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Fidel Castro, Andy Griffith, Hugh Hefner, Marilyn Monroe, and Queen Elizabeth are among the people of note born in 1926.

Notre Dame Football Finds New Rival

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Notre Dame football goes 9-1 in 1926 and their season ends with a thrilling victory over an upcoming west coast program, the University of Southern California which is the first meeting between the programs. The two would go on to play on a few more occasions.