Notre Dame Heisman Trophy winner lights up Tommy Rees

Notre Dame’s most recent Heisman Trophy winner didn’t mince words when he took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the Fighting Irish offensive coordinator situation. As you know by now, Tommy Rees took the OC job at Alabama on Friday, leaving a big spot to fill.

According to College Football and Pro Football Hall of Famer tim Brown though, perhaps it will not be that hard to live without Rees. Brown put out a three-part series of tweets that called out Rees as a play-caller. Here is what the 1987 Heisman Trophy winner had to say:


I’ve been a pretty big Rees supporter while also acknowledging some of his “cuteness” or whatever you’d like to call it, making me rather upset at times.  I have a hard time putting too much blame on the passing situation last year seeing as 10 of the 12 regular-season games were started by a quarterback that couldn’t stretch the field whatsoever.

That said, props to tim Brown for speaking his mind. Our own Mike Chen wrote about how the loss of Rees isn’t that big of a deal. Although I don’t think he’s irreplaceable, I think he’s far from just run of the mill, either.  It’s a situation that I see as a very good assistant leaving, but the chances of adding a similar caliber one are pretty strong.


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Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire