Notre Dame Football: Reaction to NBC’s Booth Change

Notre Dame is going to have a new look and sound in the NBC TV booth in 2024 as long-time NBC Sports stalwart Dan Hicks will be replacing Jac Collinsworth alongside Jason Garrett. Judging from early social media reactions it seems like Irish fans are happy with the the adjustment.

It’s no secret that the presentation has lacked in its most recent iteration. It just never clicked. Something felt a bit off. This is nobody’s “fault”, per se, it’s just that this is a very unique job with a unique feel that must be present to make it click. Let’s go over some key things to keep in mind about this move and how may impact your viewing experience next fall.

Change Was Needed

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jac Collinsworth was simply not ready to be the lead voice of the Irish on TV. He is not his legendary father on the mic, he is not polished, and he hasn’t built up his own pedigree in the booth that warrants this important position.

And it showed.

It felt to me that the “powers that be” thought that since Jac was an “ND guy” and everyone respects his father’s work so much this would be an easy transition and that Irish fans would instantly accept this booth combination. This ended up not being the case as both Notre Dame fans and outlets that cover announcing exclusively seem to agree this booth lacked “it”.

Dan Hicks Has A Presence

 Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Collinsworth’s replacement is Dan Hicks, who’s been in the Irish booth previously but is perhaps most recognized for his work on NBC’s golf coverage over the years. No, he is not Mike Tirico, but Dan Hicks at least has a presence you can feel.

Hicks brings a sense of gravitas to the Notre Dame call that has been lacking since Tirico’s departure. His voice is a stern one of storytelling. It is recognized. He has an established delivery of both experience and class. He is a great Irish fit in a lot of ways and I’m certain he’ll do a great job.

The Main Goal Of The NBC Irish Booth

 Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

To me, the main mission of the Irish NBC booth is really simple. Make the fans tuning in feel as though something important is happening. A must-see event. Because for Notre Dame fans, each of these handful of games in the stadium Rockne built each year are just that.

Some Irish fans will always prefer the person in this role to have direct Notre Dame ties. In this case, it’s a helpful reminder that Hicks is married to Hannah Storm who went to Notre Dame. A comfortable fit indeed. This off-season has been a very productive one with lots of good news and this feels like a win that adds to it. Let the countdown to Irish football in Notre Dame stadium begin.

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Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire