Notre Dame Football: Cold Weather Appears to be Nothing for New Irish Linebacker

If you’re in the Midwest this week or if you watched the Chiefs vs. Dolphins NFL playoff game on Saturday night, you don’t need a reminder that it’s frigid in region.  Temperatures dipped below 0 Saturday night and in large sections aren’t supposed to be back above 0 for a few days.

That doesn’t seem to bother at least one member of Notre Dame’s 2024 recruiting class, though.

Kyngston Viliamu-Asa spent Saturday night hanging out with a couple of his new teammates and journeyed about Eddy Street at one point.  That’s when fellow-incoming freshman Cam Williams posted a picture to Instagram of Viliamu-Asa with Kedren Young.

In it Viliamu-Asa clearly isn’t impacted by the weather as he’s wearing shorts and slides.

Meanwhile I’m here dressing myself like the little brother in A Christmas Story just to take my dog out to go to the bathroom.

Viliamu-Asa’s hometown of Bellflower, California this week calls for a high of 71-degrees with an overnight low all the way down to just…46.

Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire