'If nothing happens, I'm fine' - Mackay not 'striving' for new signings

Malky Mackay says he needs to ensure his Ross County squad is “robust” enough but is not “actively” looking to bring any new faces in or let anyone go.

“If nothing happens between now and Friday, I’m fine,” said Mackay.

“If someone comes to me to say ‘I really could do with more game time’ and wants to go out on loan, then I would listen to that but I’m not actively looking to get rid of anybody.

“On the same point, it’s not something I’m striving to do, to change the team and bring someone in at the moment.

“If something comes up that we would look at in the last couple of days then myself and Mr [Roy] MacGregor and Steven [Ferguson] will certainly do that right the way through to the end, just to make sure that we’ve got enough because once it closes, that’s us until 1 January.

“We’ve got to make sure that the squad is robust all the way through. Within a couple of weeks, if a few injuries happen then you’re back down to not having enough for the bench again so that’s where we are.

“We’ve just got to make sure that the robustness of the squad stays that way.”