Noted grown man Matt Barnes calls Derek Fisher out for snitching

Matt Barnes and bro. (Getty Images)
Matt Barnes and bro. (Getty Images)

It appears we can lose the whole “alleged” part of the line about “Matt Barnes is alleged to have gone to his estranged wife’s house to confront and initiate a physical altercation with her new boyfriend, Derek Fisher.”

And that’s good, because that line was rather wordy.

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As Barnes’ Memphis Grizzlies prepare to play a Los Angeles Clippers team that Barnes used to work for, and apparently is no big fan of, the swingman basically accused Derek Fisher of snitching in the wake of the fight that, again, Barnes initiated and copped to.

First, he blamed the New York Post's work in reporting on the incident:

Then we got this:

Every fight that I’ve ever been in has left me feeling like the absolute opposite of “a grown man,” but that’s just me. Whatever the outcome of the back and forth, at various ages of my life, I feel like a child that should have gotten his act together and handled it a different way.

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Rage – the welfare of Barnes’ six-year old son, a marriage gone sour, an ex-teammate now dating your estranged wife – is understandable and sometimes these things happen. Sometimes things can get out of hand. That doesn’t make the outcome excusable, though, and it doesn’t mean Barnes should be free from repercussions because, y’know, “grown man.”

We’ve said all we need to say on the incident in this column. Fisher’s Knicks will visit Memphis on Jan. 16, and Barnes and the Grizzlies will visit New York on Feb. 5. I’m sure both contests will be full of thousands of people handling things completely appropriately.

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