It's not time to worry about Caitlin Clark after Indiana Fever lose season opener

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz reacts to Tuesday night's season opener from former Iowa star Caitlin Clark as her Indiana Fever fell to the Connecticut Sun 92-71. Clark put up 20 points on 5-15 shooting from the field; a pedestrian showing from her, as she averaged over 30 in her final year with the Hawkeyes.

Fitz urges calm and patience with Clark's expectations, as the leap from college into the pros is steeper than the public realizes and the WNBA currently sits in the middle of a talent explosion with some of the deepest and most stacked rosters the league has ever seen.

Video Transcript

Plenty of people want to pile on to this conversation about Caitlin Clark struggling in her W NBA debut.

And it speaks to two things, the expectations that Kaitlin has and a lack of understanding to what the W actually is now, think about it, rookies come in sometimes and they come in with such expectation that it becomes almost impossible to meet it.

We saw that in the NBA with Victor Wemba Yama, it was just expected that he would step in and right away be a star by the end of the season.

Certainly he looks like he will be.

But in the beginning, there were struggles and rightfully so no one questions that that's part of the process.

I don't know why we would think that that wouldn't be the case for Kaitlin.

Part of the reason people don't seem to understand that is because there's a ton of people right now that are coming from women's college basketball into the w from a fan standpoint that don't understand just how good the W NBA is.

Think about the articles we've written about roster limitations and how hard it is to make the W right now because there are so few teams and so a few empty spots that speaks to the fact that the level of competition is going to be astronomical.

This speaks to why players in the W have been saying, hey, there will be a welcome to the league moment and there should be, it doesn't mean Kaitlyn won't be great.

But if the expectation was that she was going to step in and right away, suddenly be the face of the sport and the MVP.

Well, that downplays how good so many of the women are that are playing in the W right now, the Las Vegas Aces are two time defending champions and very likely could be a third.


Because they are built with superstars and greatness, maybe right now, we should acknowledge that superstars and greatness doesn't define the team that Kaitlin's on.

And also, while she certainly could get to that level, there should never be an expectation that she hits that right now.

There should be an adjustment because she's playing with the best women in the world.

And in that process, we should learn to maybe appreciate the greatness of the w just a little more.