'Not taking the Carabao Cup seriously' - your biggest gripes of the season

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We asked you what the most irritating thing at your club has been this season, whether it be inconsistency, injuries or a player failing to deliver.

Here are some of your replies:

Kenny: It’s got to be the inherent 'Spursiness' that comes with supporting Tottenham, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. COYS.

Paul: Tottenham's high line at the back. They are too compact in the middle and leave far too much space for wide play on both sides. Lack of cover on each side is not good.

Michael: Fans with stupidly high 'now' expectations. We are run incredibly well financially despite the protestation of a tiny minority. I was happy at the start of the season that 'we've got our Tottenham back', despite dire predictions. We need to accept that it's a long way to right the problems of the past four years. Get real, enjoy the present, and look to the rosy future.

Keef: It's been a good season so far with exciting football, and we have our Tottenham back. I have one gripe and one regret. The gripe: we don't seem to have a plan B and even if only one player is missing from our best 11, we struggle, as per the Fulham game. The regret: not taking the Carabao Cup seriously.

Steve: Inconsistency. Sometimes we win when everyone thinks we are going to lose, and we lose when we are expected to win. I really want Spurs to lose the 'Spursy' tag and be consistent. It's been too long now.

Paul: There are times when I watch Tottenham and think we now have the best two central defenders and we still concede the goals we do. So here’s the thing, they are not learning from their mistakes, and given they only play once a week, why are we seeing a big drop-off in energy in some games? I put this down to the way they are coached, or lack of it.