Not everyone is a fan of the deal to keep the Tampa Bay Rays in St. Pete

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — St. Petersburg’s City Council is scheduled to hold a workshop on Thursday to discuss part of the land use deal designed to keep the Tampa Bay Rays in town.

St. Pete Mayor Ken Welch has previously said the deal is the best for the city and the team.

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“I think that’s what’s different, the spirit of partnership, bringing in the county from day one. As you’re probably aware, the county is probably providing a bit more in resources through the bed tax than the city is, and the Rays are paying more than half,” Welch said.

However, not everyone thinks the deal currently on the table is the best for the city.

“We love baseball, but we love St. Petersburg more,” said Ron Diner who heads up, “No Home Run.”

Diner said he’s a baseball fun, but he’s not a fan of the deal to keep the team in town.

“This is about the fact that this property is prime for development, baseball does not drive economic growth,” he said.

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Diner worked with Raymond James Affordable Housing for years. He’s negotiated multi-million dollar deals for development and said the city is giving up too much to keep the team in town.

He said the property that’s being considered for a new Rays stadium, apartments, and offices could still be used for development without the stadium.

“Developers don’t want to build apartments next to stadiums, there’s nothing in it,” Diner said.

City Council members will be able to ask their own questions about the deal on Thursday.

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