It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle

Mar. 12--------

When I come to work I get to be involved with a whole new community, I love talking and meeting everyone over here.

Ashley Lamon

Focusing on nutrition rather than weight management is this company's secret ingredient. Ashley Lamon, owner of Queen Bee's Nutrition, was originally a customer "Harvest Nutrition," a sister company in Larned. While visiting the shop she first thought "It's just not my cup of tea." Until one day she went in and she saw the menu had a new drink rotation and the new selection featured drinks inspired from the show "Yellowstone." That's when everything changed.

After trying a drink from this new menu, Lamon says "I fell in love and I was going to the shop multiple times a day to get a drink. After visiting the shop so often, I came up with the idea to open my own shop." Lamon continues, "Not only did this thrill Alexis Dickens, owner of Harvest Nutrition, due to the fact that she was already wanting to open another shop somewhere.

But this also helped me with the flexible hours I needed while raising four children."

That's when Queen Bee's Nutrition was born.

"We decided to make Queen Bee's Nutrition a sister company of Harvest Nutrition as well as Harvest 54 Nutrition, a third herbal tea shop in Pratt." Ashley noted, "All three locations have the same recipes so you can ensure that no matter what location you're at you can still grab your favorite drink." Although Ashley lives in Larned she loves working in Great Bend.

"When I come to work I get to be involved with a whole new community, I love talking and meeting everyone over here."

"We use 100% Herbal Life for the flavors, teas, and supplements. None of our products contain any added sugar and the flavors are Stevia based.

Continuing Lamon says, "We offer beauty teas, loaded teas, and specialty teas as well as protein shakes a.k.a meal replacement shakes and kids teas that have no caffeine or collegian." "The kid's teas are more like a Gatorade without the sugars. We even have a hangover tea and a pick me up tea for when you're sick. Here we believe a healthy outside starts with the inside."

One thing that sets Queen Bee's Nutrition apart is that their teas are blended instead of stirred. Unlike other shops that might stir their supplements into the drink leaving behind a grittiness, Queen Bee's blends their drinks leaving you with a nice smooth consistency.

She says, "We like to blend our drinks not swish them so that you don't have particles coming into your straw."

Many health benefits

The loaded teas are only 20 calories, and have 200mg of plant-based caffeine. Promoting mental clarity and focus, these teas are loaded with 21 energy supporting vitamins and minerals such as B6, B12, Vitamin C and aloe for digestion and absorption.

These teas also help with memory recall and have a metabolism boosting effect. Protein and collagen add-ins are available.

The beauty teas have 75mg of plantbased caffeine, including B6, B12 Vitamins A, C and E as well as patented collagen, biotin and mineral zinc and aloe. Beauty teas also support mental clarity and focus. If you want to make your beauty tea loaded you can do so which will give it more caffeine and a metabolism boost.

The specialty teas include 17g of soy based protein, biotin, and zinc and have 75 mg of plant based caffeine. Also supporting mental clarity and focus, you can find vitamins A, C and E with B6 and B12 in your specialty tea. You can make this tea loaded for more caffeine or to add a metabolism boost. You can also add aloe for digestion and absorption.

The shakes offered at Queen Bee's are only 200 calories, and have 24g of soy based protein as well as 18g of carbohydrates.

They include 24 essential vitamins and minerals and are low glycemic. They are also gluten free and heart healthy. You can also find a good source of fiber and calcium in the shakes making it a nutrient dense meal/snack.

Though the shop has been open for about three months now, she noted "I am here and I am here to serve the community."

"You can find my shop on the corner of Morphy and 10th St., 2401 10th.

We're open 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday." Ashley says "I want to give people a nutrient option when it comes to drinks." "If I can help just one person and they get to tell their story, that's good enough for me." "My products will even be in the raffle prizes at Bunko Night."

Ashley understands that people are busy, which is why she also allows them to call in their order to be ready upon arrival. Queen Bee's also offers a loyalty program. "The loyalty programs are one of the only things that differs at the three shops, the girls in Larned and Pratt have their own loyalty program.

At Queen Bee's you get a punch card where when you get 10 punches you'll get your 11th drink free and your card will go into a drawing. We also have an option where you can be a preferred member or a distributor. If you want to purchase the Herbal Life supplements and teas to make your own drinks at home you can become a preferred member and once you do, you'll get 20-42% off the Herbal Life products. Further more you can also be a distributor. You don't need to be a distributor to be a preferred member and you don't have to be a preferred member to be a distributor. Preferred members will receive 20% off their purchase."