Northside Primary enjoyed a day of rodeo fun Friday

Nov. 17—Students of Northside Primary enjoyed a day of "rodeo" fun during the school's Turkey Run Festival Friday at the Anderson County Youth Livestock Arena.

There were games, races and even some mechanical bull riding for students to enjoy.

"Today was so much fun," said Sam Ingram. "My class won the tug of war and I got to run."

This event was created as an alternative to field day that typically takes place at the end of the school year when there are a lot of activities and temperatures are starting to rise.

PISD was very please with how the event went and plan to continue it in the future.

"It was an incredible success from the combined efforts of so many," said Larissa Loveless, Director of Public Relations for Palestine Independent School District. "P.E. Coach Christina Conner-Williams came up with the inventive idea of moving field day from the busy end of year time and Principal Traci Pridgen expanded the idea to incorporate fall fest activities.

Loveless said the Parent Teacher Organization provided help, as well as Palestine High School student groups and community members.

"It was rewarding to see so many families attend and visit the ACYL arena," Loveless said. "A good time was had by all, and we are looking forward to next year's event."

Parents were also pleased with the new field day activity.

"It was so well executed and thought out," said parent and PISD School Board Member Davi Killion-Ingram. "It felt safe and fun and the kids had a blast. I was so grateful for all the hard work from my fellow board member, Michael Bennett, the Northside PTO, and of course Mrs. Chris and all the Northside staff! I think they have a new tradition!"