North Korea 'accidentally' reveals details of new ballistic missiles in apparent warning to America

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<em>Kim Jong-un was pictured at a factory inspection with wall charts of the weapons in the background (Reuters)</em>
Kim Jong-un was pictured at a factory inspection with wall charts of the weapons in the background (Reuters)

North Korea has seemingly revealed details of two new ballistic missile systems in an apparent warning to the United States.

The ‘accidental’ reveal of the two as-yet-untested missiles was in photographs of a factory inspection by leader Kim Jong-un.

The pictures were released by the KCNA state media and appear to show wall charts that describe the weapons – an Inter Continental Ballistic Missile called Hwasong-13 and  a Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile called Pukguksong-3.

<em>It is thought that&nbsp;the reveal of the plans was not an accident (Reuters)</em>
It is thought that the reveal of the plans was not an accident (Reuters)

These details are unlikely to have been released by mistake, coming just weeks after Donald Trump threatened “fire and fury” on North Korea.

The secretive state hit back and made plans to launch missiles on  the US territory of Guam, before deciding against any attack for now.

North Korea have previously left details of important developments in the background of photographs to show the world what they may be capable of.


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Shin Jong-woo of the Korea Defence and Security Forum told South Korea’s JoongAng Ilbo newspaper that North Korea “has a history of displaying actual weapons, or graphic designs of them, via state media in order to flaunt its military prowess to the world”.

However, aerial photographs of Guam in the background of photos showing Kim Jong-un looking at plans to attack were described as an “elaborate bluff” by Seoul’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper.

They stated that North Korea had no facilities to obtain up to date satellite imagery and the ones on the wall were available on Google Earth.

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