North Carolina DB comes back home to Irvington

Richard Schnyderite, Staff Writer
NJ Varsity

The Irvington High School Blue Knights are coming off a season where they finished the year 8-2 with losses to Wayne Hills and Randolph. Now they are looking at redemption this season as they hope to bring a state championship to Irvington.




RR: 0.0

Ht: 5'11.0"

Wt: 175.0

Class: 2018







Commitment status:


This offseason the Blue Knights added another player to a defense that had two shutouts last season. The player they added is 5-10, 175-pound defensive back Darryl Hill formerly out of Sanderson High School (Raleigh, NC). He spoke with us here at NJVarsity about his move back up to New Jersey.

"I decided to move back up to New Jersey because I had a tragic incident back in Raleigh with my family,” Hill told NJVarsity. "I tried to fight through it, but I figured I just needed to come home to the comfort of family and close friends. Right now I just can’t wait to be playing with the guys I won pop warner championships with.”

Coach Smoke is only entering his second season at Irvington as the Head Coach, but he already has a pretty good connection with Hill.

"Playing with Coach Smoke makes it all the much better, he was a role model to me since I met him. When I first met him we basically already had a bond since we played for the same pop Warner team. Ever since then, we were real close. Also he always noticed the potential in me, no matter what the circumstances. He's a huge inspiration on my life in personal ways as well,” said Hill.

The class of 2018 DB Hill went on to talk about some of the differences between Irvington and his old high school down in North Carolina.

"So far the only major difference between my school down in North Carolina and Irvington is our base defense. Up here at Irvington it is a 4-3, while down there we were running a 3-4 defense. The coaches are much closer to me up here also there is a big difference in the weather,” Hill said.

Hill is hoping to hear from some schools as he plans on camping this weekend at an ACC school and over at an AAC school in July sometime.

“Right now I plan on heading to NC State this Saturday and Temple on July 29th for a camp. There are two more schools I might go camp at as well,” said Hill.

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