With no tag for Baker Mayfield, will he stay in Tampa?

Tampa Bay's decision to apply the franchise tag to safety Antoine Winfield, Jr. means that quarterback Baker Mayfield will have a straight path to free agency.

The question now becomes where he'll go, and what he'll get.

He has said he wants to stay with the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers want to keep him. Receiver Mike Evans recently re-committed for two years; surely, that didn't happen without Evans having some idea as to who the quarterback will be.

Indeed, per a league source, Evans got an assurance from the Bucs that they'll do everything they can to keep Mayfield. Really, why pay Evans $20.5 million per year on a two-year deal if they don't intend to have a viable quarterback?

It could happen soon. Evans, we're told, is due to sign his deal tomorrow.

The question then becomes what Mayfield will get. My own sense is somewhere between $30 million and $35 million per year. Maybe $31 million.

Unless another team wakes up and makes a move. The problem is that there's really only one other team that could even be in the mix. And that team would need Mayfield only if its current starter leaves for the Falcons.

Other teams with a need at quarterback want to go younger. In comparison to Cousins, Mayfield is more than six years younger.

So it's most likely Tampa Bay. With a chance that Minnesota gets involved. If Minnesota ends up looking for a new quarterback.