‘There’s no secret answer’ to Boston’s postseason woes, says Jayson Tatum after Celtics’ Game 5 loss

After another disappointing outing for the Boston Celtics in a key postseason tilt, the media asked Jayson Tatum why the Celtics played so poorly in a game where the stakes were so high. “I think we were a little tight today,” he replied, stating the obvious.

The St. Louis native continued, saying the team needs to “go out there and relax and obviously play hard … (and) compete on both ends and play the right way,” as he recycled usual post-loss platitudes without much in the way of conviction. “There’s no secret answer,” he added in a moment of honesty.

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This team is what it is, and if they move the ball, touch the paint, and hit their 3-point shots, no one can stop them. But if an opposing team can junk up any part of that process — or the Celtics do it to themselves — they are and will remain an eminently superable ball club.

“(We’ll) go out there and play how we know we are capable of and we’ll see,” suggested Tatum for what the Celtics’ response for Game 6, the team’s season on the line.

One way or another, we will.


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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire