No really, Burger King wants you to order a Big Mac

Burger King has a new message for its customers: It’s OK to cheat on us. At least, that’s the thesis of a new announcement by Burger King U.K., which told social media users they should order a Big Mac. The surprising message, released by the fast food company on Nov. 2, is titled “Order From McDonald’s” . “We never thought we’d be asking you to do this,” the chain wrote. The note goes on to remind customers that fast food restaurants in the U.K. are employing “thousands of staff” who “really need your support at the moment”. It’s a message that comes as the country enters a new, strict lockdown that will require restaurants to halt in-store service. Burger King customers immediately swarmed to the tweet, which has since drawn nearly 150,000 likes . Many praised the company for calling to support fast food workers across the nation during an extremely tough time. Not everyone was so supportive, though. Many Twitter users criticized Burger King for encouraging diners to patronize large chains versus local restaurants that might need the help even more