No offense has had more redzone opportunities than Browns

The Cleveland Browns, led by head coach Kevin Stefanski, is currently graded as the sixth-most efficient offense according to Football Outsiders’ DVOA metric. They boast a top-10 passing attack while carrying the top rushing attack in the league. To throw another impressive stat in there as well, no offense has been in the redzone more than the Browns.

According to SI’s John Shipley, the Browns have made 31 trips to the redzone in 2022, which is one more than the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, and Jacksonville Jaguars. The Browns are also converting 61.3 percent of those drives into touchdowns as well, ranking them 11th in the league in redzone conversion rate.

And this is all with a backup quarterback.

This Cleveland offense is one of the best in the league. One could argue they need to convert chances in the redzone into touchdowns at a bit of a higher rate, but this is good news as they continue to look to save their season as the Miami Dolphins are on deck after the bye week.


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Story originally appeared on Browns Wire