No news is often bad news in Cowboys Nation

The Cowboys are the NFL’s biggest fanbase and as such, they demand news virtually every moment of every day. When there’s no news to report, news gets created. It’s an example of supply meeting demand and often the basis for some pretty absurd moments in Cowboys Nation.

Dallas’ 2024 offseason didn’t even get a chance to dip into a lull before the absurdities started raining down. Relatives of players suddenly gained voices and were given firm traction by a thirsty fanbase still angered by a premature postseason exit.

Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons have all been in the news for largely non-newsworthy reasons and/or unsupported hot takes. National media has relished the moment, offering their opinions on the goings-on in Dallas, and laughing all the way to bank when their Nielson ratings balloon. Being America’s Team comes at a cost. The same machine that spotlights Dallas in times of plenty, is the same machine that latches on the slightest or most absurd stories in times of famine.

It’s no coincidence the players drawing the most attention happen to be the Cowboys’ biggest names. They drive headlines and spark the craziest of debates. Nearly every team in the NFL would kill to have any one of the previously mentioned three players. Yet, small issues have suddenly taken on the appearance of catastrophic deal-breakers and Cowboys Nation is buying it hook, line and sinker because what else is there to talk about?

The Cowboys could be having a coaching conversation after their latest postseason collapse. Mike McCarthy’s offense again fell short of expectations. Dan Quinn’s defense was again embarrassed by a Shanahan coaching tree offense. But the Cowboys have decided to roll it back in 2024. McCarthy will be back for his final season under contract as head coach. And if Quinn isn’t hired on elsewhere, he’ll return as defensive coordinator. With coaching changes off the table, it’s no wonder Cowboys Nation has gone searching for “news.”

But the East-West Shrine game approaching (February 1) and the Senior Bowl is not far behind (February 3), so there are plenty of draft eligible players to watch for a fanbase ready to turn the page on the season. On March 13, NFL free agency kicks off. Not only do the Cowboys have a handful of their own players ready to hit the market, but they likely have their eyes on a few outside free agents as well. There are plenty of real topics to be discussing.

Maintaining the status quo in the coaching ranks likely created a vacuum in Dallas’ news cycle. Pressure in the boilers needed to be released and the world is seeing the absurd lengths people will go to vent that pressure.

The Cowboys will always be in the news. The fanbase and national ratings demand it. But all news isn’t newsworthy (see also: cable news) and sometimes the best reaction is no reaction at all. With so many exciting things coming up on the Cowboys’ offseason schedule, there’s really no reason to focus on the noise.

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Story originally appeared on Cowboys Wire