No, the internet does not approve of Donald Trump and Sean Hannity's nightly calls

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It’s no secret that President Trump plays favorites with news organizations. While he’s constantly labeling CNN, the Washington Post, and many other outlets “fake news,” the president has a sweet spot for Fox News. He often live-tweets the network’s programming nearly verbatim and praises its reports.

But a new report in New York Magazine titled “Donald Trump and Sean Hannity like to talk before bedtime” suggests that Trump’s relationship with Fox News runs deeper than tweets. Sean Hannity, one of Fox News’ primetime hosts, reportedly has a direct line to the president and chats with him on the phone nightly after his show, Hannity.

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The article claims the president and the TV host gab “like old girlfriends” about the media, television show ratings, sports, and Kanye West, among other things, saying Trump treats Hannity as an adviser, much like he did with Steve Bannon early in the presidency.

A former White House official said Trump’s obsession with Hannity and Fox News is “a f***ed-up feedback loop.” People chiming in on Twitter overwhelmingly agree that there’s something wrong with this equation.

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