'No clarity' from Martinez Losa amid Lyon link - Murray

Former Scotland defender Joelle Murray believes national team boss Pedro Martinez Losa should have squashed rumours of his departure if there was no credence to them.

The Spaniard dismissed news reports suggesting he is in the frame for the vacant Lyon job as "speculation", adding "now is not the moment to speak about anything other than Scotland and the importance of the game tomorrow."

He also said he had been "clear" with the group ahead of their Euro 2025 double header with Israel.

But Murray, who has 48 caps for her country, cast doubt on his response on BBC Radio Scotland.

"For me, that is always going to be the party line reply in situations like this," she said.

"If there was nothing in the rumours, I think the best thing to do - and the thing the [Scottish Football] Association would have advised him to do - was come out and absolutely squash those rumours.

"The way he's communicated it, he uses "clear", but for me there's absolutely no clarity in that reply. We could potentially be hearing more to come.

"If I was Pedro Martinez Losa, and there was nothing in it and I was completely committed to the national team, I would certainly absolutely squash those rumours."