NMAA issues multiple strikes to Volcano Vista, which will carry over to 2025

May 15—As expected, the New Mexico Activities Association has levied first strikes against the Volcano Vista High School baseball program and the Hawks' fan base.

NMAA Executive Director Sally Marquez announced her decision on Wednesday, two days after the Hawks lost 15-8 at home to Los Lunas in Game 3 of a first-round, best-of-three Class 5A state baseball series.

Three Volcano Vista players were ejected during the game, but Marquez told the Journal there was at least one additional ejection after the game. She would not comment when asked if this was a player or coach.

Any official can eject a player or coach even after a game is over. "An official has jurisdiction over the game until they leave the field," Marquez said.

Another Volcano Vista player tried to go after the home plate umpire after the game, and a Hawks assistant coach was seen putting his hand on the umpire in the seconds following the final pitch.

Marquez said the fans earned a strike primarily for verbal threats against that same umpire.

Two of the three known player ejections were issued to a senior. A returning athlete for 2024-25 would have to sit out a one-game penalty either at their next Volcano Vista contest (even if it were another sport), or, if they don't play another sport, they'd have to sit out the Hawks' 2025 baseball opener.

"This is the type of behavior we are not going to tolerate in high school athletics," Marquez said.

She also said that the Volcano Vista baseball program's issues were not limited to Monday. She confirmed to the Journal that the program had "multiple" ejections this year prior to Monday.

The baseball team and its fans will be on notice next spring. If either receives a dreaded second strike, they'll either not be able to complete the season on the field, or the fans will be barred from attending their games for the rest of that season.

The NMAA's new "Two Strikes" bylaw went into effect for this school year. The prep sports calendar ends on Saturday.

Marquez, asked how many first strikes she had to issue this year across all sports, estimated the number at 20. No team or fan base has gotten to the second strike, she said.

Volcano Vista baseball was the first to receive a strike in its last contest of the season, Marquez said, meaning it carries over to the next season.