NJCAA players enjoy spending time in community

Mar. 21—DANVILLE — The conversations varied, including about St. Patrick's Day festivities and special cookies made for the players, among the residents of Liberty Village of Danville who welcomed the Pima Community College basketball players to Liberty Estates on Wednesday.

The players from Tucson, Ariz. are playing in the National Junior College Athletic Association Division II Men's National Basketball Championship at Danville Area Community College this week.

Resident Carolyn Rodman said it was wonderful that the players came to visit them.

"They are such sweet kids," she said.

Coach Brian Peabody said they love Danville.

"Danville is the one reason we like coming here," he said. "The community embraces not only us, but every team here. It makes a really enjoyable week."

Peabody said coming to Liberty Estates was one of his favorite things to do. The team also visited elementary school students and played basketball with them.

The last time the team was here was in 2019.

Peabody said the student athletes are a good group and they like doing community services.

Peabody said going out in the community is a great experience for the players, staff and coaches and everybody.

Student athlete Jackson Leyba introduced all the players, and thanked the residents for having the team there.

He said they appreciate spending time with them, and all the support and hospitality shown to the team in Danville.