Niners GM John Lynch says he 'accidentally and unknowingly' liked tweet slamming Jimmy Garoppolo

Some people did not react well to the San Francisco 49ers' frustrating loss to the Tennessee Titans on Thursday.

For a second, that group seemed to include Niners general manager John Lynch, whose Twitter account appeared to have liked a tweet calling for the team to leave starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who made some critical mistakes during the game, in Nashville.

The tweet has since been unliked, but Lynch really did appear to have hit that button at some point between Thursday night and Friday.

Soon after Twitter users started noticing his social media activity, Lynch jumped in with an explanation that he had "accidentally and unknowingly" liked the tweet while at Christmas Eve mass with his family.

Given that A) nearly every major sports executive knows not to air grievances via social media and B) "NFL general manager" is definitely a job that leads to some surreptitious pocket phone activity during family events, this at least seems believable.

Lynch is also the person who oversaw Garoppolo's move to San Francisco in his first year as general manager. The team has since made clear it doesn't see the veteran quarterback as its future with its drafting of Trey Lance in this year's draft, but it has still started Garoppolo in every game when healthy during the season.