A nine-minute reminder that Michael Jordan was really good at finishing at the rim (Video)

In the years since his retirement, Michael Jordan has become the standard by which all other NBA superstars are measured, regularly inciting negative considerations of such amazing talents as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James simply because they haven't been able to match some of MJ's loftiest accomplishments. It's unfair, in a way, but also a measure of just how great Jordan was. In comparison, today's stars seem to be lacking something.

Yet, as Jordan has been elevated to that level, he's taken on the image of a god, a sort of supreme being apart from all other basketball players. It's a persona that mostly doesn't fit with how Jordan actually played, particularly in his younger days. At both ends, Jordan seemed to be in attack mode, playing with a ferocity and sheer competitive drive. He was a continual presence, imposing himself on the action. He did not play with any sort of cool remove.

Luckily, YouTube exists and has the capability to remind us of just what it was like to watch Jordan attack the basket. Marvel, then, at the nine-minute highlight mix above (via TBJ and Reddit), in which His Airness finishes at the rim in virtually every possible way. It shows not just how great Jordan was, but how vicious and resourceful he was. It gives him new life apart from the legend.

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