NIL expert says schools don’t have to pay max dollars if they’re smart

USC fans and all other college football fans are interested in the realities of the NIL marketplace for various kinds of players. John Talty of CBS Sports talked to a lot of people behind the scenes in the college football industry to get a sense of what the market truly is. There’s no spreadsheet of concrete numbers for all players, but there is a general awareness of the range of cost for each position.

Talty collected this spicy quote from an NIL expert about the need to be smart and create value when acquiring players:

“I hate coaches who talk about NIL, and I don’t want to spend a million bucks,” said one NIL expert who works with multiple Power Four collectives. “You didn’t have to spend a million bucks. You could have a great quarterback for less than that if you knew what you were doing.”

It is generally felt that the range of expenditure for a starting quarterback is $600,000 to $800,000.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire