Nike drops new coronavirus ad campaign: ‘Play inside, play for the world’

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Many notable figures in the sports world have preached social distancing in recent days as an effective way to help curb the spread of COVID-19, which has drastically altered everyday life across the globe.

On Saturday morning, Nike followed suit.

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The company — after closing stores in select countries across the world earlier this week — dropped a new ad campaign asking people to stay inside and practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance,” the ad reads. “Play inside, play for the world.”

Several of its high-profile athletes and teams quickly joined in, too, including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo and more. Many showed examples of them “playing inside,” too.

The coronavirus has sickened more than 292,500 people in 154 countries across the globe as of Saturday afternoon, and killed more than 12,700, according to the New York Times. There are at least 21,000 cases in the United States alone. 

Many officials have urged people to stay inside to help slow the spread of the virus, and millions of people in the United States are under lockdown or stay at home orders.

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