A Nike ad featuring celebrities congratulating LeBron James’ 2nd ring runs seconds after he wins the title (Video)

For years, the apparel industry has printed out championship hats, t-shirts and all manner of celebratory swag designed in anticipation of a team’s season-ending win. This year was no different, as the Miami Heat immediately started to don those sorts of shirts and hats just seconds after taking the 2013 NBA Championship.

After winning 27 straight games during the regular season, though, and breezing through the first two rounds of the NBA postseason with an 8-1 record, Nike and the Miami Heat have taken this sort of anticipation to a whole ‘nother level. And it’s a pretty cool level, if we’re honest, involving both “2-Time Champion” shoes created weeks before the Final round even hit, and this Nike ad that ran just after the end of the Finals, based around fake phone messages that probably had to be culled weeks in advance. Watch:

(In case you’re scoring at home, not one of the participants in this advertisement is from Miami, nor were they a professed Miami Heat fan prior to the start of the 2010-11 season. Much less the 2012-13 season the Heat just dominated.)

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