Nika Mühl And Her Little Sister Have The Sweetest Matching Tattoos

Nika Mühl And Her Little Sister Have The Sweetest Matching Tattoos

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Nika Mühl has finally made her WNBA debut.

The Croatian native, who was selected fourteenth in the 2024 WNBA draft, finally played in a pro game last week after missing the Seattle Storm’s first four games while waiting for the approval of her P1A work visa. (While playing for UConn, she had a student one.) But now, she's back in action—and celebrating her job in style.

Upon entering the stadium, Nika wore a t-shirt that showed off her approved visa.

"time to work, literally," she captioned her accompanying IG post.

In her first pro post-game interview, Nika, 22, let out all the emotions. "I was shaking," she said of the match, a May 22 win over the Indiana Fever, per ESPN. "It was unreal. It was surreal. I always say I never dreamed of stuff like this because it was always kind of too far to reach it in my head, but I trust my work and I trust that I deserve to be here. I love being here. I love Seattle."

But Nika isn’t the only Mühl who plays basketball—her sister also plays the sport. Here’s what you need to know about Nika Mühl’s sister, Hana.

Does Nika Mühl have a sister that plays basketball?

Yes, Nika’s sister Hana Mühl also plays basketball. Hana plays for the Manhattan Jaspers at Manhattan College in New York City.

Hana used to play for Ball State University, but transferred for the 2024-2025 season. At Ball State, she helped the Cardinals tie the program record for most wins in a season, according to her bio. Hana was also selected to four Croatian national teams (U14-U16-U18) and played in two U19 National Championships in 2021 and 2019, her bio says.

Both sisters hail from Zagreb, Croatia, where they grew up. On draft night, Nika even sported a grill reading "ZG" in honor of her hometown.

"It means a lot to me, and I always love to go back," Nika told Women's Health at the 2024 WNBA draft. "I'll go back forever—that's my number one home."

Hana was inspired to play basketball from Nika.

Getting into basketball wasn't an accident, either: Hana decided to take after her big sister. (She initially wanted to be a swimmer, according to NBC Connecticut.)

"I think it was genetically determined," Hana told Ball State Daily News in 2023. "I started playing basketball several years ago because of my sister and just because my whole family was into basketball."

But Nika and Hana's parents, Darko and Roberta Mühl, aren't necessarily fans of this. Darko told NBC Connecticut that he tried to steer his girls away from basketball, fearing injuries.

But to Hana, her sister is her role model. “Hers and my basketball style are pretty similar,” she told Ball State Daily News. “She always has advice for me when I need it, on and off the court.”

And Hana isn't the only person that Nika inspires. On draft night, Nika told Women's Health her advice for other little girls in Croatia—and across the world.

"I just want to tell them to keep working," she said. "When you give 100 percent, when you work hard, there are never regrets... You're just going to become that person that people can count on and that you can count on in the end, which is the most important."

Nika and Hana have played each other in college.

For years, the sisters played together for years on the same club team and national teams in Croatia. They even faced each other in college when Hana’s Cardinals played Nika’s UConn Huskies.

“We have never played against each other, except like, one on one, you know, in the driveway,” Nika told NBC Connecticut. "This is going to be the first ever official time we’re going to play against each other.” (Nika’s Huskies won, BTW.)

Afterwards, Nika wrote on Instagram that playing her sister on the court was “one of the most special nights of my life.”

They’re each other’s biggest fans.

These two are total sister goals. They’ve become so close that they have each other’s first initial tattooed behind their left ears, NBC Connecticut reports. Nika also has a tattoo with Hana’s nickname, “Baby M,” on her left hand. They even text or video chat daily.

“I feel like that distance made us so much closer, which is just kind of like a weird thing to say,” Nika told the TV station. “I felt like that would have distanced us, but it definitely brought us so much closer.”

They've remained close since Nika joined the pros. Hana celebrated Nika’s WNBA draft with a sweet post:

Love these two!

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