Late Night Hosts Welcome Beyonce and Jay Z's Twins With Similar Jokes

Superfan TV

Beyonce gave birth to her and Jay Z's twins this past weekend, which has everyone excited. Many of the late night TV hosts celebrated the birth of the twins by joking about their possible names.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy said, "people figured out they had a boy and a girl when they saw light blue and bright pink balloons being delivered." Jimmy then added, "Incidentally, Light Blue and Bright Pink are also the names they're considering for the babies."

James Corden also threw in his two cents on The Late Late Show, and his names were a little more believable. Corden told his audience, "The latest update is this, Beyonce has announced that she named her twins, Juniper Halo and Coriander Starlight." When nobody really responded to the bizarre names, Corden said, "Those aren't real names but none of you questioned it!"

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah figured it didn't matter what Beyonce and Jay Z named the twins, because he thought Blue Ivy had her own plans. Trevor said, "You know when Blue Ivy met them she said, 'Let me explain, I'm the star, you're Kelly and Michelle, you got that? Ok cool, let's make a group.'"

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