Nicky Lopez's speed makes him fantasy relevant

Christopher Crawford suggests rostering Kansas City Royals 2B Nicky Lopez due to his ability to steal bases, but he is clearly a one-category player.

Video Transcript

CHRISTOPHER CRAWFORD: To be blunt, Nicky Lopez was among the worst fantasy baseball players last year, contributing all of one homer and no steals in his 56 games with a [? .552 ?] OBS.

He's only homered one time again in 2021, but the fantasy relevance has been more, well, relevant because of stolen bases. And they've been particularly prominent as of late. The 26-year-old has stolen 18 bases this season, and he hasn't been caught once. And over the last two weeks, he's picked up nine steals, a big difference from his last year, when he tried to steal five bases, and he was thrown out every single time.

Now, he has well above average speed and is clearly getting good jumps. So the [INAUDIBLE] should keep coming over the final months of the season. That, of course, is assuming that he can get on base. And while he doesn't make a ton of hard contact, he does not strike out. And he draws a decent number of blocks for good measure.

This is a one-category player, but that one category is an important one. So take a look at Lopez if you need some swipes to finish out the 2021 season.