How Nicklas Backstrom helped welcome Henrik Lundqvist's family to DC

Mike DePrisco
·1 min read

How Backstrom helped Lundqvist's family adjust to DC originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Good news, Caps fans. Henrik Lundqvist and his family are enjoying their early days living in Washington D.C., and at least part of the credit can go to Nicklas Backstrom. 

Well, more specifically, Backstrom's basement. 

Lundqvist and his family visited Backstrom's house and the highlight for his kids was Backstrom's decked out basement.

“Best part for the kids was probably hanging out at Backstrom’s house and getting to play in his playland basement,” Lundqvist told NHLPA's Chris Lomon.

There's nothing like a good basement to a kid, and it's hard to imagine not enjoying a good basement executed by someone on a professional athlete's salary. 

Lundqvist and Backstrom have had their battles on the ice, as both have played their entire careers on rival franchises until now. However, they've gotten to know each other over the years as two of Sweden's very best NHL players and have spent a fair amount of time on the Swedish national team. 

Lundqvist and Backstrom are back together again, and their kids are probably thrilled for a full season of Backstrom basement play time. 

“The family really enjoyed D.C. a few weeks ago and they all look forward to getting even more familiar with the city as we get started,” he said.