Nick Young airballs a 360-degree layup attempt (Video)

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There was quite a bit of cackling to be heard when the Los Angeles Lakers signed shooting guard Nick Young during the offseason, as the former Wizards, Clippers and 76ers gunner has a quite the reputation as a mercurial chucker, and those sorts of players don't often tend to get along with someone like Kobe Bryant.

(Even though Kobe, if we're honest, has had his bouts with mercurial chucking.)

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The pressing question, even if the Lakers are far from championship contenders, was whether or not Bryant and Kobe could co-exist either in the same Laker backcourt, or merely on the same bench once Bryant returned from his Achilles tear. Bryant did return on Sunday, but luckily for Nick, Kobe was on the Los Angeles pine when he attempted whatever the hell this was:

Young finished with 19 points on 16 shots, in a game that was actually far more efficient than Kobe's first contest back, and Bryant didn't appear to have any reaction to that shot, um, "attempt."

That doesn't mean this relationship isn't worth keeping a keen eye on. Kindly keep the court microphones and cameras rolling for every bit of interplay between the two from now and April, NBA.

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