Nick Wright disproves ‘Chiefs get all the calls’ narrative

Fans across the NFL are tired of seeing the Kansas City Chiefs win and have turned to a lazy narrative about officiating to explain the team’s success in recent years.

“The Chiefs get all the calls” has been a common rallying cry for Kansas City’s opponents on social media, and serves to take away from the greatness of Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and the rest of the team’s roster which is being witnessed annually.

Fox Sports 1’s Nick Wright dispelled this troubling talking point this week on his show First Things First by breaking down the Chiefs’ penalty yardage differential in all six years of the Patrick Mahomes era.

Predictably, Kansas City wasn’t shown to have received a significant advantage from officials.

Kansas City was at or near the bottom of the league standings in penalty yardage differential for all but one season, when they earned a spot in the middle of the pack at 17th place.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire