Is Nick Sirianni in danger of being replaced?

The Eagles went to the Super Bowl last year. They started the current season 10-1. But someone has gone very wrong in recent weeks, and there's a sense in some circles that coach Nick Sirianni could be in trouble if the Eagles follow their 1-5 finish with 0-1 in the postseason.

The Eagles would scoff at such possibilities, pointing out that Sirianni has gone to the playoffs in each of his three seasons as the head coach. Some in league circles firmly regard a coaching change as impossible, even if the Eagles get blown out.

An unmistakable undercurrent remains that a change isn't out of the question, if things continue to go poorly against the Bucs. The key could be the availability of Bill Belichick.

Just like in Dallas, where Belichick would be an upgrade over Mike McCarthy, the Eagles could decide to swap out the guy who got to one Super Bowl to the guy who got to nine, and who won six.

It could be that the Eagles don't want Sirianni to freak out in advance of Monday night's game. It could be that they wouldn't make a change unless they were 100 percent certain they'd get Belichick.

Regardless, there's smoke. Some would try to blow it away and/or say there's nothing to see here. Based on what happens Monday night, there could be something to see.