Nick Sirianni: We have to do a better job of getting Robert Quinn reps

New Eagles pass rusher Robert Quinn played only seven snaps against the Texans, down from 20 in his debut on Sunday against the Steelers.

On Friday, coach Nick Sirianni explained the lack of opportunities for the man who ha 18.5 sacks in 2021.

“Just the way the reps shook out yesterday is kind of how that played out,” Sirianni told reporters. “With being on a short week and everything, it’s just the way the reps played out the other day. Obviously, we want to get him — and it’s the way some of the packages are being called, as well.

“So, hey, the reps play out the way they are based off of some of the packages you’re in. There are certain packages where Robert wasn’t in on them, and there are packages that he was, and the ones that he wasn’t in on just got called a little bit more because that’s what we were trying to do to stop him. Now, does he need to get a little bit more reps? Yeah, we want him to be kind of in that — we’re kind of where [Brandon Graham] was with his reps the other day, and that’s something that that’s not the easiest thing to monitor during the game when [defensive coordinator] Jonathan [Gannon] is trying to make calls to try to stop them. But we have to do a better job of making sure that he does get more reps because we know he can affect the game in that manner. But yeah, that’s obviously something we’re aware of and that he’ll get more reps as we continue to move forward.”

The Eagles acquired Quinn in order to bolster their rotation. They undoubtedly plan on getting him more involved moving forward. When he does, an already good defense will be even better.

Nick Sirianni: We have to do a better job of getting Robert Quinn reps originally appeared on Pro Football Talk