Nick Saban thinks Jalen Hurts is the right fit in Philadelphia

Michael David Smith
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Eagles rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts will be expected to accept that he’s a backup to Carson Wentz in Philadelphia. He’ll also be expected to play a different style than Wentz when he does get on the field. Nick Saban thinks Hurts is the right man for the job, on both counts.

Saban told Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network that Hurts, who accepted being demoted behind Tua Tagovailoa at Alabama before transferring to Oklahoma, can handle being a backup.

“Jalen Hurts is a great person,” Saban said. “He was a great player here. He went through unprecedented adversity here. I mean who has gone 26-2 as a starter and then all of a sudden was a backup quarterback because of Tua? The guy handled it extremely well, showed great maturity.”

Saban thinks Hurts can step in for Wentz, if necessary, and be successful, just as Nick Foles was previously.

“I think there are a lot of quarterbacks that are having success in the NFL that are outside the old-fashioned prototype dropback passer that are having success,” Saban said. “Jalen has proven that he can win at the position. He won here, he won at Oklahoma. It’s a different style of play, maybe. I think Philly is really good at this. They threw some RPO type plays, moved the pocket a little bit when Foles had to play and had a lot of success doing that. I think Jalen can play that style really well.”

The role Hurts will have in Philadelphia remains to be seen, but a coach who knows him well believes he’s going to be ready for whatever the Eagles’ coaches throw at him.

Nick Saban thinks Jalen Hurts is the right fit in Philadelphia originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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