Nick Saban takes summer baths in the lake with a specific kind of soap

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Nick Saban likes to bathe in the lake. (AP Photo)
Nick Saban likes to bathe in the lake. (AP Photo)

We all have our eccentricities. Especially when it comes to our hygiene routines. Alabama coach Nick Saban’s eccentricity may be a little further out there than most, however.

Saban admitted Thursday at his charity golf tournament that he likes to takes baths in the lake near his home in the summer. He even has a certain type of soap that he likes to use too.

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“I love the lake,” Saban said (via Rivals’ Bama Insider). “I swim in the lake, take a bath in the lake every day. Everybody kills me over that. People don’t take baths in the lake. I try to have Ivory soap so it floats, you know? [Wife] Miss Terry doesn’t, but I like that.”

Did you not think Saban would make sure to have appropriate soap?

He was also asked about the possibility of snakes in the lake. Saban is unfazed by snakes.

“I grew up in West Virginia,” he cracked. “If you worry about snakes, you can’t do anything.”

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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